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Wheels for the Woods which provides all terrain wheelchair's for people who have any type of disability, mobility issues, or simply don't have the stamina to get to get outdoors! 

Our products offer a broader range of independence than your standard powerchair could ever dream of providing!

The product that I am dedicated to and enthusiastic about is called a Trac Fab. 

Wheels For The Woods is an Authorized Dealer that sells Trac Fabrication, Inc, based out of Western Pennsylvania. 

If you are someone who is passionate about the outdoors, this chair is for you. Whether you want to get off the pavement or go on that extreme hunting trip that you have always dreamed about, this chair is for you! 

Our products are not only marketable but they can produce revenue for your business too.  Once you have purchased our product, you have the opportunity to help people with mobility issues regain a sense of normalcy by choosing to promote the #1 Tracked Wheelchairs for sale!

Please contact me by email or phone to set up a meet and greet today. Thank you very much for your time and considering the #1 Offroad 

Tracked Wheelchair!!

If you are someone who is passionate about the outdoors, this chair is for you! 

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